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I'm Still Alive

It's good too.

The gallery work was just to make the labels for all the works in the art exhibit, it's something that the owner says takes her two days. I managed to do it in about an hour and a half, so she was very happy and I was very happy as I was out of there for an appointment half an hour earlier than I thought I'd be. Next time, knowing how much time it takes, I won't have qualms about charging her for the work. She was fun and interesting and lots of people wander through that gallery all the time. That was interesting to see.

There's going to be a reception tomorrow (April 16th) from 6-9 for all the artists, and I'm probably going to go.

Had the scratch tests today and the overall news is better, in that I'm less allergic to all the fifty some odd things I'm allergic to. Yeah, they were all still a little amazed at just how many things I reacted to, and I was all lit up over the weeds, still; but all of the reactions were pretty significantly smaller than they were two years ago, and I didn't have any of the tests bleed completely over into another one. There were three things that had to be retested last time, this time everything stayed in their spots. That was a very good sign.

My lung capacity tests always frustrate me because they're always so bad when I feel all right, on the most part, but it was down in the freaking 66% range, as low as 64% and as high as 68%, but it never got over 70% even with an inhaler and it scared the nurses enough they almost delayed the skin test, but I didn't have any trouble breathing even with the allergens. Still, better safe than sorry.

I've been off my meds for the last five days, off the allegra for the last three, and off everything for the last 36 hours other than the Advair. Which is probably why my breathing tests are down, and my home peak flow meter testifies that, yes, indeed, I'm a bit lower than usual. What's frustrating is that I was doing so well only two days ago.

So it is.

Tomato Plants
My seedlings are doing ridiculously well. The Black Krimm are on the left, the Sun Golds on the right, I should really be supporting them now, and they're doing well with hardening off outside. I also need to get them into bigger pots, all but the ones I want to put into the topsy turvy planters. I wanted to harden them all off and get them into the hanging planters and bigger pots so that they can just stay outside most of the time, but our last frost isn't until Mother's Day, so we'll be shuttling them in and out on the freezing mornings.

There will be a lot of impromptu lifting in my near future.

I've also been having fun writing an original fic darkprism, whom I've just gotten to know, and who is fast becoming a good friend. She has some really solid writing skills that I'm learning from quickly and a capacity for real romantic hardcore yaoi and bdsm storytelling that I'm really enjoying without having to force some poor fandom character into the role. That's been a blast, but I want to also get back to Twin Souls, and I'm finally making the time and head space for that as well as Winter War. I also finally finished a handmade thing for that meme I did at the beginning of 2009, and I'm finally on the last row of the Shipwreck Shawl. I'll put up pictures when it's finally off the needles, beads and all. *laughs* I'll be very glad to be done with those...

And finally, when we first moved into this house the kitchen counters were all tile, which was pretty enough and fits the kind of SW sort of theme, but I hate working on the central island with tile. The grout just grabs onto everything, I can't roll out anything on that counter, and I can't clean it after I do anything, so I just put cutting boards on everything or just curse a lot while I try to clean it up. Recently, a friend of ours replaced their island counter top with a huge butcher block top, and they found it relatively cheaply on the internet. It's just a plank of certain size, and you can cut it down to fit.

So we bought one and it's oak butcher block and solid as anything, and it came today! We'll probably install it soon (knowing John it'll be on within hours), and then I'll be able to roll pasta, breads, cookies, pie, biscuits!!!, and all kinds of stuff on it, and I'll be very, very happy, and I'll probably make cutting boards out of the scraps. *laughs*

We use our kitchen so much now that we're not working, so it's nice to make an improvement that will affect us every day.
I think you'll like the butcher block. My mom has it as her island counter top and she loves it. It's also great that you don't need to hunt around for a cutting board all the damn time.
Yes! I figure that things like cutting bread or bagels or much of the light duty cutting will be able to be done right on the surface itself.

Neat to know that it works for someone else as well, and good to hear that it's been working for a while.
Those tomato seedlings look lovely! I need to go shopping and pick some up for my garden - I'm a beginner, and have mixed luck growing stuff from seeds (the crows around here like tipping pots over and pulling seedlings up for the hell of it :()
Yeah, the birds here like to eat seedlings so I have to put bird netting up, and I think it's the crows and magpies mostly as it's big, sharp beaks. They like spinach and will eat my zucchini down to the root.

So I have the same problem, but I finally figured out a way to discourage 'em. The netting's black like the soil so they just get tangled up a bit and then get discouraged.

Good luck with your garden!
The worst part is, they don't even eat them, they just pull them up and leave them all over the lawn. I'll look into the netting - I made a web out of twine last year which seemed to sort of discourage them.

Thanks :D
I look forward to seeing the Shipwreck Shawl! (And to reading more Twin Souls.)
Butcher block counter for the freaking win! I am so having one of those in my next house. I wish we'd had room in this one.

More writing? Sweet! I'll look forward to reading the finished product. :D