Welcome to My Journal

Welcome to my journal. I'm putting this at the top so folks can find things easily. There are so many years' worth of stuff on this journal that it's not that easy to find things. I started out just journaling, but then got into writing fiction as well.

First, trip journals. They're all family friendly. You can also just click the travel tag as well to see everything related to it.

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Finally got my little camera hooked up to the connection as well as my phone. The phone is easy... but sometimes I just snap random things with the little camera that comes out so much cooler than I thought.

Some of my utterly favorite things from the Paramount Studio Tour were things I hadn't expected.
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The sign shop was amazing, mostly because the guy that was in charge of it all had started with pinstriping cars, and had done such a good job on one of the cars that someone had offered him a one-time job at Disney to do that kind of detailing for the rides there.  From there he'd gone on to an 18 year long career there, and then had gone on into more general movie making art work.

  He's now been in the industry for 30+ years and his son is working in the shop with him, and it's as much about his ability with handpainting signs on glass (and showing the brushmarks on the back of the glass as well as the front) as it is about coordinating dozens and dozens of signs to reface a little town for a movie set. It was amazing the amount of reject work they could show in the shop.  These are pictures that didn't include the super secret items from an on-going project they were working on.

In the archives, I was utterly thrilled to realize that I was standing next to a cart that was completely filled with Star Trek films.  All of them.

I was amazed. I'm so used to thinking of all media as just being ephermial, as something I'd get from connections, and that the substance of real film wouldn't be that big a deal.  But it really was a big deal to stand right next to the physical existence of these stories that I'd loved while I grew up. These were the archival copies of these movies, the source and One True physical embodiment that had sourced all the copies that had gone all over the world to entertain and teach everyone.

The other thing I was surprised brought tears to my eyes was finding the full-sized model of Bumblebee and being able to stand next to him in a photograph.

He was always my favorite of all the Autobots. He always seemed to be the sweetest and most determined of them all, but that may well have been because he couldn't speak. It's an interesting thing.  But he had always been my favorite and in the newest incarnations, seems to be the one that I'll still love the most. *laughs*

Speaking of giants... this is a picture John got of me next to one of the redwoods.  It was fun to just be able to look up and not have my neck hurt at all in doing it.  And still not quite see the top of the tree because it was so far up. 

So just a few more pictures from various parts of the trip that I hadn't been able to get up yesterday.  There will be more from Seattle today, as there are a few Mecca points that John and I will visit. I'm looking forward to it.

Moms' Weekend Out

So John left on the 12th, in order to meet up with me when I reached San Jose.  I left that evening. I finished packing up and walked myself and my suitcase over to Tonya's house, where she made me a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, which I stuffed into my bag. When Lisa showed up, we packed ourselves into Tonya's little car and headed to the airport.

Both Tonya and Lisa had sons who had just gone off to college, and their homes were also a little more empty the way I had.  So we were all talking some about the changes in our lives, which helped me a lot.

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September Blues and One Bit of Glee

I was feeling so sad yesterday and I didn't really figure out why until the evening and seeing all the memorials and pictures people were posting about remembering on all the social media things.

Gradually coming to the realization that emotions don't always have to reasons, and it's just something that happens.  Feelings just come and go, and they aren't any particular kind of truth and they don't define me.  I feel sad, it's not that I am sad, which is a newish distinction for me to make and was made all the more obvious by the language used to deride each other in first person shooters.

It's interesting realizing that I learn more from the contrast.

John's now off on the road, having to leave early in order to actually meet up with us in California. With the extra day he'll have plenty of time to stop and hike and enjoy himself along the way, while we're touring a studio he'll probably be hiking in Reno. *laughs*  Jet, John and I are on a Whatsapp Chat and with all three of us separated it'll be interesting to see what pops up from all three perspectives.  It's an interesting way to stay current with each other.
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Finding My Feet

Honestly, it wasn't 'cause the bees found them under the elastic of my beekeeper's outfit.  *laughs*

Though, perhaps, it helped.

I'm finally kind of settling into the fact that Jet is out of the house, and that doesn't mean that I'm not his Mom, still.  My fitbit still says, "Hi Jetsmom!!" every time I look at it...  But I am finding that I'm settling into this new way of living.

Just in time for me to uproot everything and go to LA with Tonya and Lisa and putz about there before heading up on a train to San Francisco, where John will meet Tonya and I and we'll all drive north together, wander about the redwoods, and then head further north to drop Tonya off at her friend's and the two of us will go visit Isabel in Redmond.

Which should be good, too.

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Sometimes I think he's at school... or at work... or off to band practice... or at a game.  And it feels all right that he's gone, and then I remember, and it still feels all right.

He's happy, he's safe, he's with a family he finds fantastic in a situation and culture he's learning about at a massive rate, and it was like he was just in the room with us, showing us around his new house and showing us the compact city just outside his window in a video call with us.  And then he's gone again when the call is done, but we know he's doing well and learning hand over fist and loving the situation he's landed in and it's all good.

And, just like when he's away at school, at work, or even when he went off to Europe, Chicago, or other places on his down, I get back to doing all the things that I want to do with my life.  There will be more of that.  He will be back in four months, but then he'll be off to college and the rest of his life, so I get on with mine.
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See You In Four Months

Yesterday, at 4 am, we all got up and took Jet to DIA to deliver him to American Airlines and send him on his way.

There are three things I really want to remember about seeing him off:
  • When we hugged as he was about to go into security he grinned and said, "See you in four months!"  And he hugged me solidly because there was so much more going on than we could say, and that's kind of been my mantra of the last few days.  We'll have him back in four months.
  • That he was really patient with me when I was doing the anxiety Mom thing while we were checking him in, including indulging me by putting his boarding pass in with his passport.  *laughs*
  • And when he went through security, he actually turned back and waved.  Three times.

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Turning Around

That's the easiest show and tell of the turn around.

That and that my sleep went from averaging 6 hours a night to averaging a bit under 8.

Well... and I can type more than a sentence and not be in pain, I can lift my sheets with the back of my left hand without a flash of agony, I can drive for more than a minute without having to curl my left arm against my chest to keep it from hurting to much, I can do more than two prayer shawl labels before having to take a break and stretch my neck and back and shoulder...

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