Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Showing my Age

Actually, what's showing is years of designing, debugging, and working in a system that was entirely OOP, nicely encapsulated. I seem to find it easier to think in OOP.

I'm completely redesigning a script I did in Perl and using the OOP abilities it has and it's entirely satisfying. I'm not nearly as confused as when I was writing the script 'straight' and I am finding it totally clarifying to be able to concentrate on Just One Thing In Each Class. Helps having very distinct objects in my system to start, but what I took weeks to write in a spaghetti script may well take only a few days with a very clean, limited interface for each module and I'm not only extending the data being tracked by an order of magnitude, but this should make further extensions transparent.

It's surprising me to find that I am so biased towards a particular paradigm, but I won't argue if it makes it easier to write and easier, later, to change as the underlying data structures may well change in the next release or two, and if I keep my interfaces clean, it'll mean that I only change what I need to instead of looking for it across the whole damned thing. It also surprises me that Perl is so easy to use in this way, though, perhaps, it shouldn't.

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