Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Isabel's 90's Birthday Party

Here's the link list for our 2015 trip to Hood River and the Columbia River Gorge in order to celebrate Isabel Rostykus' 90th birthday. All four brothers did the planning for the whole thing, and the Filley cousins showed up to help celebrate as did several other family friends.

Much of this was written after I got back, as the wireless connection at the rental house wasn't very good for my laptop and the pictures I wanted to upload.

1. May 22: Hood River -- Getting There
2. May 23: Biscuits, Old Highways, and Birthday Shortcake
3. May 24: Maryhill, Trains, Shopping, and Ice Cream
4. May 25: Memorial Day and a Mountain Climb

We went home far too early on the 26th, and it was a great trip and a wonderful way to get together with family.
Tags: travel

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