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Snow Day and Small Stuff

Jet got a snow day for his birthday, yesterday, and we got a whole foot of the white stuff.

Our neighbors got stuck in it right in front of our driveway, and Jet and I got on our cold gear, found our shovels, and went out and dug them out and pushed them onto two carpets they'd found to put under the front wheels. It worked, and they got home and into the garage just fine, but we decided that we were just going to hang out in the house all day.

We did have Shrove Tuesday pancakes together yesterday, and Jet's volunteered the both of us to do British-style Shrove Tuesday pancakes for the youth group fundraiser next week. Easter and Lent are early this year.

He got his family presents, and we're a little stuck on getting his actual party in as next Saturday is my big governance thing, but we'll figure our way around it. The next weekend he'll have Friday off as well as the whole weekend, so that opens up some possibilities.

I also worked through a friend's book, being a beta reader, which was fun and it was good to see her work. It was interesting realizing that my experiences with 911 dispatch are going to be really useful going forward as I now know a lot more about police procedure in a small town than I did before, and I understand why and how fire equipment gets deployed. And it's funny how much I now also know about what animal control does and does not do. *laughs* And how utterly unusual an actual death is out here, never even mind a murder.

John and I have been catching up on Elementary, and I've never been tweaked by their police procedures at all, whereas I can see how and why the BBC's Sherlock dispenses with nearly all of that completely.

I'm finally getting together a bit I promised a friend about several of his books, too, which should be fun, and there's thoughts I had on the side of the Slate article that I want to articulate. And now I have the time and some of the mind processes with which to deal with those things.

I dreamed, this morning, about that first friend and her spouse coming to my door and offering me a beautiful deep blue suit that he'd decided he didn't need anymore. He and I were about the same size, if mildly differently shaped, so it fit perfectly. Dreams. I'm dreaming again, which is kind of amazing to me, especially since they're good dreams instead of the steady flood of anxiety and grief dreams I have had for about the last four years...

It is interesting to me how often Jet's birthdays mark the various stages of my life. And now, wonder of wonders, Jet is now old enough to get his driver's permit. He's done most of his online drivers' education course, so he's going to get it soon. That'll be another adventure. *grins*

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