I Has Lung Capacity

I got my breathing capacity test today at the allergy clinic. I knew that I needed a checkup with my doctor to continue getting a couple of my prescriptions refilled; so I called this morning and the receptionist said that Dr. Murthy had an opening at 10:30, so I just up and went.

And I now have 75% lung capacity, when four years ago I had only 67%. This is good news.

I've been running around a lot, I guess. *laughs*

Since I officially ended the moderator job, our senior pastor has resigned, and was going to be leaving the end of May, but then decided to change the date to Easter Day (mid-March). Resurrections and all that. It's been a little crazy getting there, and I have NOT been in the center of it, only getting blown around on the borders. But the first two weeks after I was "done" were intense, since I had a lot of the background people needed.

Two weeks ago I went to a women's retreat and taught calligraphy classes there and took a watercolor class which I really loved. I also organized an Empty Bowls party at the church that happened yesterday, when I was also liturgist.

So I've been... busy.

Apple Blossoms and Bees 2016
Today, Leap Day, was the first day when I felt like I was really Off Duty. And I filled it up cheerfully with the allergy appointment, going to Crackpots to paint another bowl with their full shop palette, grabbed a ham and cheese croissant from Luna Cafe, and then went to the last flood house to help a lady work crew paint the basement.

Yes, it's the last house the church is actually helping to fund the repairs for, there are other projects that we can lend muscle power to as we go, but the funding part of it is finally done, and it's to two ex-teachers from our school district, so it's a good thing.

The bowl was a set of apple blossoms with bees. I had a painting that I'd done that I'd liked from May, and I brought that along for my reference, and the lady at the shop really liked the painting. She was curious about the materials and asked me if I'd done all of that with just the three brushes I had with me, and I said yes, as it was my hard brush, my soft brush, and the goat hair liner. That was fun, and the owner caught me at the very end of my bowl painting, and asked how Sunday had gone. It was fun to be able to say that it went really well, and that I was happy to paint another bowl for them.

I left the house painting at 2:30 to pick Jet up, and I'll be making scallion pancakes for dinner early so that he can go to robotics. We had Old Chicago's yesterday on one of his fundraising cards, and it was really tasty, but we cannot live on fundraisers alone.

I waded through all my Scientific Americans and finally recycled anything more than two years old. I want to read them, but figured that some of them were getting more dated than I really wanted them to be. And there's three shelves of books that I haven't read for the last two years, it's about time. I think I've only read one or two and all the books I've read while Jet's doing his bedtime rituals. So I have some reading to finally catch up on.
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Another beautiful bowl too.

I had an embarrassingly large number of "to read" books that I moved out here. Somehow the type shrank in the mass market paperbacks while they were on the shelf, so I'm not sure how many of them I'll get through. Tablets with variable type size have been looking more attractive.
It's amazing how the type shrinks with time, and, yes, I'm finding that the electronic readers are a lot more doable. Still... I got one of those one-page magnifiers, too, and it's been good.
Hurrah for good test results! And yes, sounds quite busy.
Congratulations on the increased lung capacity!

That bowl is lovely. Your technique really has advanced.
Thank you!!

It always seems to move forward when I paint a lot. *laughs* Though I had one watercolor artist tell me that her teacher told her that if she keeps one in a dozen paintings, it's good work.
Excellent news on the health front. And ohh, yay time for reading!
Book Lungs
Yay Lungs! Yay Reading! yay Lungs That Read... what?

Also cheers for all the other stuff.
It is! Breathing is important. Sometimes difficult, but important to do.