Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The days are cooler, wetter. Humidity's in the double digits instead of the single. It astonishes me when people tell me that having 14% humidity makes a real difference to the fire fighting. They're asking for lip balm, sports drinks, concentrated food bars, and the like for the fire fighters. Wal-Mart is collecting for them, which has to be good for business. The Salvation Army is also collecting. John and I are contemplating a run to Costco and buying in bulk.

They still say it's going to be a long, slow fight for the fires, but the weather, at least, is starting to cooperate a bit. The wind's been down, the temperatures are lower, and the humidity is a bit higher. The fire has created some weather of its own, though some of it is the wind gusts in the fire itself, there's also the rains the heat and the particles are creating that seem to be helping with some of the areas around the fire itself.

Whew. Only one firefighter has had chest pains while fighting the fire so far. Few injuries, no deaths. knocks on wood I'll keep hoping it stays that way.

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