Moving On...

... and it's probably past time, for all that I love my permanent account here and the styles that it affords me, with the movement of all the servers to Russia and my own lack of doing a lot of writing, I'm finally moving everything over to Dreamwidth.

It's all up-to-date there now, and if you were following me here through whatever means, the link should lead you to where you can still follow what I'm writing.

I've been manually updating my Blogger journal with the same content, simply 'cause I knew that some people prefer the Google way of doing things. So I'll probably just use Semagic to do that as well with Dreamwidth, as Semagic can support all the above.

I've been here a long time, and I'm not going to actually remove anything. It was all meant for public access, anyway.
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I shall miss seeing ur posts here Hun as I don't have dream width. Take care and all the best moving forward xx

Awww... they have free accounts! Hm.... or maybe I can just have them echo here, too... it is mostly a problem if they somehow cut off access. Most of my most private writings I now just keep to myself anyway....

I know Dreamwidth lets me post in two places at once, so maybe it'll work out that you'll still see me here as I'm able.
“…but it was Mamdali who brought together the two things that were going on, the grief and the necessity of facing it, and blended them into a mood which gave due regard to each, the old Iranian acceptance of fate. ‘Nothing lasts,’ he said. ‘Neither this Garden, nor ourselves, nor anything else. God wishes it.’”
- from “Garden of the Brave in War” pg. 213
*snugs* Been crossposting from there for a while, as you may know. I finally unsubscribed from a Book Deals feed that was just spammy as heck so I never bothered to look at my DW reading list! So now I can say hi over there, too. O:>