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Blessed Rain...

I've been doused once, drizzled on a few times, and thankful for it. The dousing was in Boulder, which is nestled right in the foothills, so it's likely that other foothill areas and even the mountains (and it looks to be so from the weather reports) got some rain. There's some news that the enormous Hayman fire is gradually becoming more and more contained. Some of it was weather help, the rain and the wind blowing some of the fire back on itself. Some of it was simply a number of other burned areas that were bordering the Hayman burn that simply denied the fire any more fuel.

I really like the local reporting which keeps in mind that if the fire is going to be controlled it's not a matter of a day or two, it'll be over time, and that the fire fighters are doing a damned good job simply gaining on the thing.

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