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It's Raining

It's raining tonight.

The soft hiss of water on the pavement, the spatter on the windows, and the coolness through the house. The sky was a riot of fluffy clouds, shadows, and curtains of water being blown in from over the mountains.

There's been a good amount of rain for the last week, and it's been a blessing, since the winter was really dry; but with the rain came a late snow that was surprising after Mother's Day. My tomato plants survived all of that, thankfully, and are doing really well, in part due to John making some heroic fixes to a cheap greenhouse that buckled under the snow. Poor thing. He had to reinforce nearly the whole structure to keep it up.

The fun and funny thing was that Jet was riding with me in the car, he said, "I love this kind of weather."

He's our son, and he really loves knowing that his parents love the rain when everyone else might be complaining about it. It's been a blessing in a lot of ways, as the herbs have been growing, the roses burgeoning, and the nasturtiums I'd planted on impulse have been growing madly despite the instructions that read: "Plant two weeks after last frost of the season."

How in the world can you predict that it's going to be the last frost of the season here, when there's always the possibility of snow into June, but the last four springs came early and hot?

One of the things that I started my blog on was the whole idea of counting my blessings when I have them. I had my daily accounts because I needed to remind myself of what there was I loved about my life on a constant basis. It's too easy to just concentrate on what's bad.

One of the really good things was cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Yeah. I really enjoy this recipe. And instead of the sticky pecan topping, I didn't put anything on them, just made the cinnamon roll part of it, and Jet had made a cream cheese based frosting in purples and blues for a cupcake recipe he'd found on the Internet. They were chocolate cupcakes with hydrangea frosting decorations, and they were called Hydrangea cupcakes. The things he finds, now, and he baked them and made the frosting and piped it onto the cupcakes and took them to school. I got to eat one that had landed on its flower frosting... and the frosting was so good.

He had some of frosting left over in the piping bag, so I made the cinnamon rolls, and they were so good with the cream cheese frosting. A way to use leftovers. *laughs*

Small things, but important ones.

A friend of mine has had eight deaths in the family, four in the last two months, the other four within the last two years, and she's been hollowed out by all the losses. When I do get together with her, now, we just do the thing that's in front of us, whatever it is, and get through and enjoy the time that we do have together. Sometimes it's as simple as sitting, warmed by sunshine while watching the thunderstorms roll in from the foothills and hear the slow rumble of thunder crackling through the clouds.
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