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Jet's teething again...

... and has alternated between cheerful and completely frustrated. We can see his gums, back there, are pretty swollen, and he even pointed to the Tylenol bottle and asked for some. He's getting far more capable than I imagine, sometimes.

He did a small miracle Friday night, and walked the length of Flatiron mall holding onto a cup of Cold Stone ice cream with one tiny, chubby hand. He somehow got an astonishing grip on the styrofoam and eventhough he swung the cup around a lot, he lost remarkably little ice cream until the very end. He even dropped it once, and the ice cream's consistancy kept it in the cup even when the cup was upsidedown! So he went merrily along his way. He even used a spoon to eat it out of the cup.

I know, I know... the things that amaze a mother... *grin*

We also visited Eldorado Canyon yesterday and had a tremendous little hike down one wall of the valley and watched dozens of technical climbers scaling the various walls, spires, and towers of rock. It's gorgeous in there. Anyone that visits, remind us to take you there, as the hike's pretty easy and the view is spectacular. And with a tower called the Bastille that had six people attempting completely different climbs all on one face, it's quite interesting entertainment as well.

John's having a good Father's Day. Yay! It's been a quiet one and we're going to Ankor, a SouthEast Asian restaurant for Father's Day dinner, mostly because Sakura, our favorite Japanese place, is closed on Sundays.

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