Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

In Short...

We got here. We're safe. The band is doing a lot of stuff....

We had Disney World the day we got here, and then rehearsals for jazz, concert, and the marching band music. And I got 25,000 steps.

The next day we had the contests for our concert and jazz bands with rehearsals in the morning, and a brief trip to the beach for lunch. Far too short, but we made up for it with root beer floats when the kids were done with all the competition work, which didn't end until nearly 9 in the evening. Tired kids and tired judges, but the judges really liked the kids.

Today was a full morning of full field rehearsal with the entirety of the other 11 bands here, and they *all* did the half time music together with all the color guards and all the dancers in the center of the field. Jet practiced in the center of the right side of the band on the field. If you watch the half time show of the Outback Bowl tomorrow, you will see him on the right.

Then there was Busch Gardens, then there was a parade through the middle of town.  And then there was an award ceremony at Busch Gardens with fireworks at midnight, and the kids are collapsing. I had 27,000 steps before yesterday even ended.  

Oh, and though we were one of the smaller bands and went the furthest to get here, we got 2nd in our division for both concert band and jazz band, and got the third place overall for Crowdpleaser, the bands that the thousands at the parade loved the most.

They'll get a wake up call at 6:30 am tomorrow to get ready for an 8 am rehearsal, go straight to the Outback Bowl to sit around until half time, and then unpeel from uniforms and then run to the airport to catch our flights home.

It's been a little crazy. Good.  Bur crazy and everyone's been sick and will get better at home. Later today... was going to say tomorrow... but now... it's later today here on the East Coast.
Tags: adventure, travel

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