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.. and even worse...

At the fair, I ate pretty much total junk food for just the one meal. Which, I guess, could have taken 36 hours to clear out of my system. I hadn't thought of that, but that might be why Jet had such a horrible time with nursing until early this morning. Maybe...

The science of medicine is definitely a science of averages and percentages rather than a science for a particular individual, and I find that more and more, it's frustrating to go in with the expectation that they'll have *an* answer for an individual, when there are so many answers to choose from. Incidentals are the reality for any particular individual, and I'm really getting a lot of that with Jet. So many factors, so many possibilities, and so little hard data because a single individual really can't make the data that is necessary for a rigorous study. While rigorous studies can give indications for proclivities, they damned well aren't going to be able to tell me if Jet is going to sleep at all well tonight.

Or if a meal of a corn dog, a bloomin' onion, and a funnel cake with plenty of water and a 32 ounce cup of iced sugar water with the juice of a single lemon in it will cause baby colic for 36 hours. Though, given other evidence, the probabilities indicate that it could be a possibility. Since onions are one of those things that can cause it.

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