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The problem with knowing what to do...

... is that one wishes one could do it all the time.

The technical and business writing class was excellent. The instructor kept everyone in stitches, used candy and toys to help keep our interest and test our retention, and presented half a dozen very clear techniques to improve the clarity of both types of writing.

I now itch to write.

It's really amusing. It's like the old adage of everything looking like a nail now that I have a hammer. I've sent half a dozen very clear and concise memos, proposals, and requests out in the last two days covering everything from improvements to our software to getting a laptop, from asking for some documentation for our internal tools to getting started on my next job.

The scary thing is that they've all prompted nearly instantaneous responses. Nearly all of them positive or at least moving in the direction I'd made for myself for the bit of writing.

The best thing is that the class boosted my confidence in my writing enough that I want to write again.
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