Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Refining Spaces

Near the beginning of the pandemic, CP Gray came out with a video "Spaceship You", which I have thought about a lot since I saw it. It's one of the reasons why John and I go out and walk every single day, there aren't that many useful handles on mood outside of physical activity and that's the one physical activity that we can do a lot of out here. Luckily, this part of Longmont is relatively sparsely populated, and the people we normally see on our walk are either neighbors or the people living in the condos and Wee Cottages across the street. Everything East of us is wide open (though perhaps soon to be filled in a bit with a Costco and businesses, which still shouldn't produce more people wandering about the trails and sidewalks around us.

But one of the things that John's exceptionally good at has been updating or reconstructing our living areas to better fit our needs. I sometimes have ideas of what I want, but he's been amazing at implementing them.

Today's project was to put together a standing desk for me. They can cost thousands of dollars new, especially if the desk itself is made to be a movable desk, and John found this on Facebook, being sold used by a lady who no longer needed it for just a couple hundred dollars.

Together, we modified my old desk to the point that the extender could be put on top of it, and it's now working as both a sitting desk and a standing desk with a neat little standing pad that's good for foot support and being easy on the legs. 

As usual, the "we're changing things" meant that I had to move everything that used to be on my old desk, and reposition a lot of things, dust stuff, get rid of the stuff I didn't need in the area anymore, and figure out what I really did use and how I used it. Always a good exercise to go through periodically and feels a lot like how I've been going through my life since the Pandemic began. 

One of the side benefits of always cooking at home has been getting better at cooking and much healthier eating than eating out a lot. A side benefit of the online church has been a number of homebound members who couldn't make it to the facility have been able to participate in online church and feel like part of the community again. There's a lot of good to be had amid all the change. Working at my desk so much has made it kind of imperative to make the whole setup more viable for the kinds of hours I spend here.

Hope you all have been able to make something better in your living spaces too in these times. 


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