Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


Liralen is vague and not quite tangible
Liralen is the coolest person ever to exist
Liralen is an expert at large, cuddly, stuffed animals.
Liralen is making me realize it too
Liralen is well worth getting to know.
Liralen is having a baby!
Liralen is on a different address these days.
Liralen is lifting some white coated flunky out of his chair by tickling him under his chin with her fingertip razors.
Liralen is not amused.
Liralen is silent for a long moment.
Liralen is too kind.

Okay... the weird thing is that all but the first are mentions of me, by me, or about my character on the Chatsubo (people took some liberties with her...)


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