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Long Weekend In Albuquerque

It was a great weekend with John's brothers Walt and David and their families. David brought along Emili and Yuri. Yes, those are the kid that were kidnapped by their mother for a whole year. They've adjusted remarkably well to being back with their dad, got really good therapy, and are now typical teenagers. Walt has Cathie and Jake, their cat, yes the cat's named after one of the Blues Brothers.

We found out that Jet doesn't like sleeping in bed with us. He kept trying to push us out of the bed. Hee. So he ended up either on the bed himself, with pillows to keep him from rolling off, or on the floor on a camping pad. Jet also got to sleep some in his car seat, but he didn't seem to like doing that for anything other than naps.

We all went swimming one day and Jet had a blast and everyone was either playing with him or watching him play with someone. That was pretty funny for a while, but when everyone finally realized it, some folks went off to play in the deep end for a while. It was really cool and nice in the pool despite 95+ degree heat.

When we came back the Miller moths are nearly all gone, but for one that decided my printer was a great place to hang out. Yes, extremely yucky printouts today. Also, last night, as I was reading a book before going to bed, a mouse just walked right out in front of me, and dared me. So I set out a trap and we're less a least one incautious mouse. We'll set more and make sure they're gone.

Sadly, there's also something eating my herbs, the indoor ones are covered in tiny white bugs. I think the outdoor ones are actually getting munched by rabbits, which I might not really mind all that much, other outdoor ones are getting munched by caterpillars, though, which I do mind. I am debating either catching some spiders and adding them to the mix or using a low-grade insecticide. bah.

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