Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


Last night, when the temperatures finally got below 80 (it had been 103 at our house during the day) and we were opening the house up to let the upstairs cool off, Jet brought me one of his sneakers and stuck his foot out. "Neah!" He says.

I pull him into my lap and stick the shoe on with much work. I set him down, and he stomps around a little and then goes off and finds his other shoe. He comes to me, sticks his other foot out, "Shoo!" He says.

I put his other shoe on. When I set him down and think about reading my book again, Jet walks over to the sliding screen door. "Eh eh aahh!" he cries and tugs at the locked door and *looks* at me.

I blink. I hadn't even thought about going for a walk of any kind. I don't like being outside much, but it was very clear that Jet wanted to be outside. So I get up, and I went out with him.

The sky was dark already. Twilight dies swiftly this much closer to the equator than in Seattle. I remember the summer twilights in the forest lasting for hours, turning the world molten green-gold, slowly trickling away, especially near the solstice... here, though, it's quick, chopped short by the mountains. The air was dusty and smoky, the dusk gray, and the weeds in the yard just black blobs against the clay earth. Jet stumbled across the weeds a bit, and then followed me as I walked through some of the areas that had been cleared and baked hard by the sun.

We wandered a random walk avoiding the bigger, pricklier clumps. Jet wanted to head out towards the horse pasture, but then I obstentnely headed for the wrap-around porch, he eventually gave way and climbed the stairs and waited to let me pick him up for the last step, which has a really rough, nasty edge. Jet almost always scrapes a leg on that step and he seems to know enough to just let me pick him up. We wandered about on the porch, looking at the other houses. Jet pointed at something, and I crouched down to peer down his point and he's heard/seen a prop plane pretty far out that was approaching us.

Once sure that I'd seen it, he kept going. We hit the other steps and he seemed mildly daunted about going down them in the dark. It was also obvious, though, that he wanted down. So I picked him up and we went down. He cuddled in close while I was taking him down and then easily twisted to be put down when I was down. He headed down the flagstone path. He stopped on one big stone that was a little wiggly in its bed, and he chortled and stomped on it. Jet then danced on both sides of the stone, enjoying how it teetered a little under him. That was fun to see.

He then started wandering off into the trees and towards the road. I said, "Sorry, but I don't want to head out that way." and headed him back towards the house. We did it three times, gently, and he decided he'd go along with me and headed towards the gardening shed. We went out there, hit some really rough ground that I helped him over, and then he went for the weed rough, which I don't like walking through in Birkies. With just one request, he decided to go with me and we headed towards the house. When I carried him up the stairs and in, he didn't protest at all, but did smile when I took his sneakers off once we were in the house.

So it looks like Jet has learned the rule of "You have to have shoes on to go outside."

Also, for the first time that I know of he came to me and asked me to put his baseball cap on his head, and he was just stylin' with it. Hee. He really enjoyed wearing it and giving me looks from under it.

He also slept the whole night, last night. I needed it badly, and it was quite the blessing.

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