Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Party weekend...

Jet had three parties in a row for the weekend...

Wednesday we helped hang windows and doors on the extra room at the house that Jet plays at in the mornings. He got to play with Alex and Haley and the wife of one of the guys who decided she wanted to just hang out in the air conditioning. They were just a whirl of laughter. That was fun to watch. So I helped bang nails and stick stuff together. The whole project's been pretty interesting, a one-room lesson on how to build a house, pretty much, except for the plumbing. It's been fun, and we have the wall board, tape, mudding, and then painting and flooring to do...

Thursday was dinner at Bob's, and Jet was the entertainment of the evening. He danced, talked with Sweetie the lovebird, ate watermelon with two-fisted intensity, and fell over giggling every time Bob did a Taz imitation. We saw blossoms of fireworks along the plains the whole way home. I'm glad the forest fires haven't killed off all the plains' fireworks, as the fire danger isn't nearly as bad down here as it is up there.

Friday a school buddy of John's called and happened to be in the area, so we met up with him, his wife, their four kids, his wife's brother and his wife, and their two kids. The pack of us wandered through the warm summer madhouse that is the Pearl Street Mall. The place was packed with people, and there were hucksters every ten feet. Jet dodged through legs far more easily than I could dodge bodies, but he would stop at each huckster, staring and then stomping his dance at the tapdancers, oooo'ing and pointing at the juggler, finally ending up ankle deep in bubble solution in one of the Bubble Man's pie pans and waving a bubble wand bigger than he was around.

Jet also bathed in strawberry ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. It's a much harder ice cream than the Cold Stone Creamery's and the spoon is springier and the cup's thinner, so it all melted all over him. He enjoyed what he could eat of it, though.

He didn't get to sleep until 11 that night, but then made up for it by staying asleep until 8:30 the next morning. That is very rare, but he's been only getting up once a night for a good week, now. That's been very good indeed.

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