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I don't want to be back...

... but I am.

Two weeks in Washington and No Rain! Though we asked for it going right after the fourth of July. Plus we spent one of those two weeks out East by Lake Winatchee, so we were pretty much doomed from the start.

Jet got one day and night with his grandparents before the relatives started coming in, and then he had a good, quiet, three days with them at the end. He developed excellent balance, quicker climbing skills, and much louder vocal abilities (it's hard to talk over a crowd of 25, sometimes) during the two weeks. And he seemed to have a blast, but he's sleeping much better at home now that we're back. Though, the first night we were in Seattle, Jet slept through the night without getting up once... I guess the humidity and coolness helped.

We had a blast. There was the gradual gathering of the relatives, a surprise arrival of a 'brother' from France and his nephew from Germany, a house completely filled with people, then the trip out to the mountains, a white water rafting trip, swimming in the lake, and way too much eating. Just time to talk, visit, and know people better. Then everyone went their separate ways and John and I got to do only a handful of the thousand and two things we wanted to do while back where we felt at home. I did get to do something unexpected, which was eat Columbia River smelt, simply griddle fried with fries and I got to visit the Dilettante and have cocoa and a Daquoise with japonaise (an almond cream) and a rich butter cake. To do everything would probably mean moving back, we figure.

We did get to see MIB II and Minority Report, and MIB II was pretty. Minority Report was smart, intelligently filmed, fast, gritty, and utterly terrifying for this mother of a young son. But it was an excellent movie. I'm glad I saw it.

I now have only 400 emails to wade through, I guess the vacation message was working well. Back to work...
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