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Our old baby monitor gave up the ghost Monday night. It's been fuzzing out, steadily, for the last couple of months, so it wasn't too much of a surprise. We left the doors open to our bedroom and to Jet's bedroom, and between the two of us, one or the other of us got woken by Jet waking up and crying.

Jet now has four little points from four molars showing through his pink gums. I'm glad we survived all that.

We bought a new monitor yesterday, one that wasn't made by Safety 1st. The old monitor, by Safety 1st, was really fragile, had the channels off by one, and the internal, rechargeable batteries died. It was a gift, though, so we used it to the bitter end. I actually looked up baby monitors on Google and felt lucky enough to use the "I Feel Lucky" button and got a condensed version of 29 reviews, and we ended up getting probably the cheapest model on the market, Fisher-Price's Lights and Sounds. Or something like that. Basic. Tough. And when I turned it on it just worked. Yay!

I slept much better last night.

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