Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

1... 2... 3...

Okay. I'll count my blessings. At least when it's 104 out in the sun it's only 28% humidity. Whew. I can't imagine it being both humid and that hot.

Last night was mildly miserable as it wasn't until midnight that things finally cooled down to be below 80. But by this morning, it was a cool 63 outside, and we threw open the house, got all the fans running, and my, what comfort...

Working away this morning at writing about things I do not know...

Kinda like Trip's signature.

But different. Nice to have the license to bug everyone from VP's on down about what I don't know so that I'll know it well enough to capture specifications that can be done in the amount of time we're given. Doing this as a full-time job has made me just a bit more immune to the fear of coming across like an idiot, because, well, I am. Or at least ignorant. Folks, last release, commented on how quickly I absorbed huge amounts of information and got a good handle on entire systems no one else kept in their head, so I'm proud of that.

Maybe it should be "I write about things I did not know..."

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