Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

My Spy Kids Dream

I had this dream of a day camp for kids, but it was... uhm... kind of like my numerous spy dreams, too, where there were terrible things happening and one simply had to deal. Including a mother who had to take the plates off her car, and substitute the plates of another passing car because someone was tracking the plates in order to find her daughter and steal her.. and it was just one of the easy precautions we could take...

Or going shoulder deep in a river as cold as the Winatchee was (basically melted snow runoff) with Jet on my shoulders, holding onto my ears and giggling and kicking his feet while we threw off the scent for ground scent dogs and managed to get to a mid-river hideout of black rock.

Amusingly enough, I remember scheduling snacks and naps with a few of the other mom's and trying to coordinate the schedules so that everyone would get what they needed, and we'd still get the travelling in that we needed to do.

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