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It's odd, for me at least, to think of a region that has less than twelve average inches of rain a year as having a monsoon season. Eastern Colorado, it seems, has a monsoon season.

I now understand why our first summer was so unusual. We were came here in 1999 and every summer day started out clear and hot and then the clouds would roll in at 3 and cool off the day completely and we'd have rain in the afternoon and evening. It was wonderful. I loved it. But every summer since that one has been, in my opinion, terrifically hot and dry. It's actually been more normal than our first summer, when the monsoon season started early and never stopped.

This year, it started a little late, but it's starting and for the past two days we've had the storms every evening. It's been wonderful! I've gone out and danced in the rain and had Jet peer at me from inside... then he's come out and puddle splashed with me. That was very fun.

Of course, the first day it rained had to be the day we washed the livingroom carpets. Dragged the cleaner home from the grocery store and moved all the furniture (I am amazed at how gratified I am at seeing Jet's eyes get all wide and him say "Oooooooo!" when John and I picked up the couch to move it off the carpet), and then I played with Jet while John got busy. They dried just fine anyway. Even with the rain, the humidity here's only in the 40's. That's another thing I'll really miss about this climate. The Instant Dry feature of the atmosphere.

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