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The Yard Is Filled With People...

The landscapers that we hired to do the job now have about a dozen folks working away, madly, at our yard. Yow. They're trenching the new drip irrigation system, digging all kinds of stuff up, putting HUGE red flagstones down for our front path, putting in all kinds of plants, adding two good-sized trees and support water for them, and basically transforming the yard. Quickly.

They're adding rock, edging, and bark to help keep the water usage down. They're shaping all the areas into distinct separate beds. It looks so... *neat*. Especially with the shaggy wild-flower areas cut down, re-shaped, and trenched. It's so odd.

Most of the work crew is Hispanic. It's very interesting funding so many people's American Dreams in what feels like such a high-handed fashion. But they're all looking happy and content to be working on this transformation of our shaggy, ill-kept, unhappy yard into something neat, clean, and likely far better maintained. There's a lot worse work to be had, and I am very glad to see them all in long-sleeved shirts and jeans and good boots and hats against what sun there is. I'm so glad of the monsoon season cooling everything off during the worst part of the day.

Jet loves watching them, and they grin and wave at him. He especially loves the huge trencher, with its rolling bit and all the earth it moves.

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