Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

15th Anniversary

John and I had our 15th Anniversary yesterday. It was cool. We ate good food at Dolan's. I wrestled a lobster into yumminess. We walked up and down Pearl Street Mall, drinking espresso drinks, buying birthday gifts and cards (most of them late), and then stopping at the Cheesecake Factory and getting slice to go and eat out on a bench while people watching.

Fifteen years. So much time and so little, too. Two high school reunions, three houses, one kid, one dog, and ten jobs on my part... hee. We've also made mistakes, and figured out how to communicate. We thrashed through a lot of really nasty, hard emotional things that I'm still battling today, but now I know John'll help and that he has all the tools that make it much easier for him to help than anyone else in the world. We've also had quite a few adventures.

I don't think that when I got married at 23, that I'd have believed that before I was forty we'd already mostly own, out-right, our own house, that I'd have maid service very other week, or that we'd have a dozen people out in the yard trying to reclaim it. Hee. Or that I'd have moved, yet again, and found the move a nice way, again, to restart my life. It's also good to know that the marriage, right now, is strong and solid and stable. Comforting and... more importantly for me... encouraging...

Well, here's to many more decades of wedded courage and adventure.
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