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Three meetings this morning. They've all been useful, which is nice. I've been useful in all but one of them, which is also okay, as that one was the one where I learned that I don't have any work at all for it for the near future. A good thing.

I have to learn how to separate my own emotions and likes and dislikes from everyone else's. Just 'cause I'm different doesn't mean a judgment on anyone else's feelings, likes or dislikes. So it is. Just 'cause I don't understand doesn't mean that it doesn't work for them, and it doesn't mean that I have to make it work for me, either. That's the hard part.

Anyway... conversations with Kathy are going well.

Jet's getting more and more communicative with each day. He expresses himself more and more. He's also a climber. One of those kids where if I look away (like while putting leftover pizza in the toaster oven), he's climbed a bar stool and starts dancing on the counter top. I'm glad I don't have heart attacks at that anymore. It's just the way he is, and he's actually pretty careful about the big falls. So I'll just have to enroll him in climbing classes sometime, and in the meantime, make sure the places he can climb are mostly safe or, at least, not booby trapped.

But it does make taking care of him a bigger job.

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