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Three words

Jet, yesterday, carried on with just three words for most of the evening. "Owie!" for just about everything that he was frustrated with, "Up!" when he'd had enough of being frustrated and wanted me to pick him up, let him outside, or put him up on a stool to watch what I was doing, and "Gok!"

I have no idea what he means when he says, "Gok!"

He said it while pointing out the window, twice. He said it while watching Baby Mozart and Raggedy Anne came up against a black background. He said it while pointing at the silver crescent moon high in the evening sky while the sun was setting to pink and purple clouds, flame orange sunset, and the darkening blue I think of as the inside of the Earth's eye closing for the night... He said it while pointing at a gold daisy newly planted in our front yard. And every time he said, "Gok!" he smiled.

Anyone have any ideas as to what it might mean?

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