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Jet swam Wednesday night, while Joan and I were doing our aerobics, he just struck out into the pool and never looked back. He had his floating tube and folks to watch out for him, but that was about it. He just started moving his legs and arms and got where he wanted to go and had a blast doing it. He seems to love swimming, just going out and getting somewhere. He went all the way around an Olympic sized swimming pool, no problem, with some stops to look at things like the roof, the slide, the boards, other people, and he talked about them to John and to me when I was done with my class.

I'm glad so glad he's not afraid of the water.

Most of the weekend was spent making Shanghai Teacakes and Nebraska Bran Muffins for Sunday, after church snack. They were the opposite ends of the health scale as the teacakes have bacon and ham inside 'em and have a shell made of a lot of lard and a little flour. The Bran muffins have wheat bran, whole wheat flour, buckwheat flour, and, of all things, soy flour in 'em, plus the usual kiss of honey and smack of raisins. The thing with the teacakes is that each one has an oil dough and a water dough and each cake gets its layering by wrapping the oil dough in the water dough, rolling it out, rolling that up jelly roll style, and then doing it again. The resultant blob has many, many layers to it, and when it bakes up they're shatteringly crisp and flaky. But they're hell on my legs, given how much work they take.

We hit the Lafayette Peach Festival this year and actually found the peaches. The last three years, we've heard about it and gotten there far, far too late for peaches. Morton's Organics were selling truckloads of tree-ripe peaches. They were near-ripe right in the box. I got greedy when I actually saw the huge, gold globes, and we bought a whole eighteen pound box.

So I've made peach jam. Had to remember canning techniques I haven't used for... uhm... nearly a decade since I made blackberry jam in Seattle which I still have a jar or two of and it's still good, kinda. And three of the four jars sealed just fine, which was good by us, as the fourth is now in the fridge getting used on toast, muffins, waffles, pancakes, and baked pancakes with plain yogurt. Yum. I also froze a few pounds for smoothies during the year. I got really, really good at peeling and pitting peaches.

Jet has yet to dive, head first, into a ripe peach, but that'll come, soon enough.

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