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Two intense work days have just happened. John's been great at getting Jet entertained and doing things with him. I needed to get caught up on a lot of things and simply have my brain to myself for a little bit. Jet had two wild and crazy nights. Joan pointed out that it's the full moon again, and while I'm mildly leery of the association, there seems to be something up with young kids and the full moon.

Joan used to do daycare and she always hated the days after a full moon as the kids would all just be nuts. I wonder if it's an age-old metabolism thing where humans had to take advantage of the nights of the full-moon and the metabolism would crank up for those experiences? Or something...

Anyway, we're all sleep deprived, but happy the weekend is here.

I'm actually caught up for the first time in a month. There are still sixty-odd things to define fore the year, but at least I have a handle on most of them and know when it'll actually be fruitful to ask questions about some of them. My boss is happy with me and offered me a new plum of an assignment, that will still involve designing things at the top level and propagate the idea that my real job is thinking. I like that.

Jet had a great time at 1:30 running around the kitchen and stopping by where I was sitting on the floor with my lunch. He'd eat a mouthful of green chile chicken enchilada and then start running again. Toddlers. Yeah, I know about the choking hazard, but he was having so much fun and I gave him small bites.

I am so behind on my regular journal, what with spending nearly all my keyboard time at work. Ah well, I'll catch u

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