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Since I've taken so much space here complaining when Jet doesn't sleep well, I should now say that for the last week Jet's slept like... uhm... a baby. *grin*

He's gone down, at night, no problem. He's only gotten up once a night for the last week, and gotten up cheerful most mornings. I've been very impressed and much better rested. Whew.

Something else that's helped my sleep has been an NTI Tension Suppression System. I broke my fifth night guard just a month ago from grinding too much, and the dentist said that there was a new thing out. It's tiny compared to my old guard, just covers the front four teeth rather than all the teeth on my upper jaw, and less than half the price. But it's making my whole jaw feel better. Whew. For folks who are grinding or clenching their jaw too much, it's pretty cool. It's originally made to prevent migraine headaches, but it seems to be working for this more mundane problem, too.

Yay for sleep!

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