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John's out until late tonight, due to a meeting, and I'm ambivalent about what to do with the evening. I am contemplating taking Jet out and letting him eat as much French fries as he can stuff into his little tummy, or doing the same with ice cream while I eat liver and onions or something else I like a lot and which John's just not into. But I'm tired.

Work's been frustrating, lately. There was on marketing guy who can't seem to understand what writing things down in email means. He keeps calling me with random, one sentence reactions when I write him careful paragraphs of detailed questions. He just gets frustrated with me, and I'm getting really frustrated him. It doesn't help that he has this attitude of "I'm in marketing! I'm NOT supposed to understand how any of this works!!"

I want to just shake him.

But I think that some of it is that I'm so used to my marketing folks, who are very savvy about the way their tools work. I just got fed up with this guy, and went around him to his engineering crew and asked them the questions I needed to ask. I'll probably have better luck.

I'm also working with an engineer who's never written a spec before and is basically writing a task list for himself, rather than figuring out what other people might want to know or care about. I think this is a bit easier to deal with, however, as I can at least ask the questions that seem relevant to me. That has helped him figure out what he needs to do with the documentation. I'm glad of that.

There's a deadline tomorrow. It isn't eating at me, but it is something I'm aware of in the back of my head.

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