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It was pretty weird to turn on the TV and find that two funnel clouds had touched down to the south of here. To even kind of recognize the neighborhoods from drives out to DIA. My.

We're safe today.

Most of the damage was to unfinished structures. Finished houses and stuff got some roof damage, but it doesn't seem to be too bad other than the partially finished condos and houses.

The sky to the east and south was black, though, with rain.

I guess we needed the rain, pretty badly. We just hadn't needed the tornados, please. Once the storm cells weakened, it's just been raining hard and steady. We did need that pretty badly.

Jet slept really well today. He also has taken over a five dollar sketch pad I'd once bought for myself. It's recycled paper, 17x10 and big enough he's very impressed by it, and he's using every color in his box of 48 crayons to color in it. No lines to get in his way. He just goes for it, and in just two afternoons has covered a good couple dozen pairs of pages. It's so fun to watch him just lay the color down. He loves doing it.

I think it's the best five dollars I ever spent.

It also kept him inside when the thunder and lightning were actually scaring me. He didn't seem to mind it at all. I'm very glad of that.

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