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Lung Cold...

Darn. The cold's moved to my lungs. It did it yesterday, after a really strange night where Jet slept all night through until 6:30 and I nearly didn't sleep at all between trying to breath, worrying about Kathy's birthday and if I did okay with it, and trying to only think about making marshmallows at home.

Marshmallow making is a very intriguing process. I found a recipe on and I'm kind of daydreaming a lot about trying it sometime now that I have an actual stand mixer. I even have a candy thermometer, a box of gelatin packets, and plenty of corn syrup. I even have powdered egg whites. Plus a real love of S'mores, and there's lots of processes pushing me toward whipping up a batch.

Jet's pretty close to well from his cold. He's gotten as much sleep as he wanted. I'm fighting it, and got nearly 9 hours last night, which was very nice. Jet got up twice, but he went back to sleep really easy both times, so it was much nicer than when he was up five times and for an hour for two of them. But he had his cold and throat problems, which is probably why he was waking up so much.

Anyway... it's raining. It's been raining all morning and the change in the weather has been so wonderful and so total. I am glad that it's getting to be fall. The trees are starting to drop leaves already, mostly because of the drought, they're hibernating early. The days are cooler, shorter, and far more comfortable. I actually like getting out.

I also did okay for Kathy's birthday. She was quite happy with me, and I am relieved. She liked the tiny, handmade, puzzle charm in the shape of a black rhino and her baby. I am glad she liked it. The same person made a bunch of little puzzle critters that are very cute. I may have to get more of them the next time I'm in the Boulder Artists' Coop.

Yeah. I'm at work, even sick. But it's well past the stage where I'm contagious. I'm just fighting to breath past all the dead viruses and the gunk used to kill 'em and get 'em out of my body. I can think and that's what I'm paid to do. I'm enjoying the doing, too.

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