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Sept 11

It was very startling this morning, having my little calender on my desktop with Sept 11 on it. The term's been so overloaded in the last year, it was odd to have it be in such a mundane context. Cool, too. Comforting in an interesting way.

I just have memories of a year ago. Bleary from one of Jet's up frequently nights, and John finally getting some sleep and Jet and I just watching anything and everything and it turning into something completely different. We're bleary today, too, as Jet had stomach problems after eating a hot dog, a quesadilla, some smelt curry that was hot enough to make him go "AH!" until he got a sip of milk and then he'd dig into the curry again, rice and beans, and most of an egg cream just before bed. Yeah. No wonder. *grin*

Not much interesting to say about today other than a pointer to the one article that I found meaningful of the hundreds of accounts and articles I've been mostly avoiding. It's by Dave Barry. It's serious. It's also quite good.

I hope everyone has a great day today. *hugs*

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