Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Still sick...

... so my lungs are still bugging me mildly.

I think Jet's grown an inch. He's also eating lots of different things. For lunch, today, I'd pan fried some turnip cake that I'd bought from the Asian grocery over the weekend (we'd had a great adventure and gone for pho in Denver and found a *great* place and I'd even gotten to get an iced 'espresso' with sweetened condensed milk! Yow, now *that* is a great way to wake up). I'd sliced it thin, as I like the crunchy exterior a lot, and when I sat down to eat, Jet climbed into my lap and devoured two of the four slices I'd made for myself.


He ate lots of pho at the pho shop, slurping up noodles like a pro and even spooning up the broth until he got impatient and then he lifted the bowl with both hands and slurped up the remains. It amazes me how capable he's getting. It's been only a year and a half since he was little larval boy, and now he's running around, drawing on everything, and talking in his own language at everything.

Evidently, he understands Boo in Monsters Inc. as he smiles at all her dialog, even the bits that make John and I just go, "Huh??" For all that he got scared by the opening sequence, this time, he enjoyed the movie a lot more this time, I think, than when we'd brought him there as a crawling baby.

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