Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

It's lovely and wet today. It started raining last night, steady, slow fall of water from the sky. Reminds me, utterly, of Seattle, and it's been a great day, with the light, constant drizzle that one can just walk in and be gradually covered with a fine, silver mist. No getting soaked, no need to run, and it's been that way all day.

John's sick and Jet's sick. They might both have the awful lung thing I had the last three weeks as, for once, I'm the one that's well. I'm finally breathing more clearly, for the first time since nearly the beginning of September. Jet's much happier today than the last two days, but he's coughing and sneezing up horrors. John's just miserable, but he's better today than yesterday, when he mostly just slept all day. Between Joan and I we kept Jet occupied and John got to sleep. So that was good.

I also had my bi-weekly massage last night, and I needed it badly. Sometimes I think of the massage as a way to take care of myself, other times I see it as a measurement of how I'm not taking care of myself in other ways as so much of my body gets so sore so badly. So it's also some kind of measurement of what parts of my life are broken, too.

Work's been mildly frustrating. But I think things will get better, as I can see the way of improvement in the short term, that's a good thing.

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