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The Magical Schedule Flexing Grandparents


John's mom and dad are here, and Jet loves playing with them. He loves playing with them so much that he refuses to go into his bedroom at night so long as they're still visible to him. He's been staying up until 11:30 and then getting up at 6 to play with them in the morning for the last three nights and he's finally fallen over, tud, today. He's now on his second hour of napping.

I am mildly trashed as well, with the relatively 'late' nights, but having them play with him in the morning makes it so that *I* can sleep in, which is wonderful. Yay!

They're also making it extremely easy for me to stretch and flex my work schedule and I think I'm getting more done this week than I have for... uhm... quite a while, and getting a lot of good time in at work and in meetings and talking and resolving stuff for everyone. Whew...

Also, amusingly enough, we actually have a little money in the checking account now that the mortgage it paid off. Okay. I understood it as a concept when we decided to just do it, but the reality has startled me. It may well startle me a bit more in a few months. But recently, I've started buying some of the small things I stopped buying when I got pregnant and it became obvious that I wasn't ever going back to full time work. Little things like tea, chocolate, fountain pens, paper journals, and teapots. Admittedly, it's just a ten dollar glass 10 oz. pot, a couple high end bittersweet bars, only $20 worth of samples of a dozen types of tea, and a $40 fountain pen with a cut nib for calligraphy style writing... small stuff, but it's still astonishingly gratifying to be able to get those things again.

It's just like taking a deep breath again. Odd how much it meant to me to be able to do that.

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