Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


The world is frosted today, pale and grey, with the muted gold and black of all the baring trees beneath. There was snow last night, the moisture glittering as it fell, but the roads were just wet and bare. Mmmm...

Jet was cheerful man yesterday. Getting into a box full of gears with his grandpa, so intent on the toys that he forgot his afternoon snack so by the time dinner came at Mina's he was so dizzy and unhappy he didn't quite understand that eating would help him out. So he went back to base one and asked to nurse. I set him up and he nursed and when he finished he felt enough better to sit at the table and proceeded to eat a whole serving of rice and beans, tasted some chicken rice soup, and then he got a turtle made from sweet Mexican bread. He ate a good fourth of that as well.

Hungry kid.

He's also talking a lot more, as his grandparents don't understand his nonverbal clues. So Jet's breaking out the vocabulary, "EAT!" "Juice" "Shoes!" "Out!" "Pleeeeze!" (as he weedles a sweet out of them) "PULL!" (while pulling caps off pens in prep for drawing all over everything) "T-you 'Annie" for "Thank you, Grannie." At a party with the Bad Dogs, he said, perfectly clearly, "Fat Bo!" when the chubbiest of the dogs was introduced. Hee.

He's making up more words as well, we're still trying to figure out what "Mine-a!" means. Turns out that "choock!" was actually "truck!" applied to many things, but it's now applied only to trucks. The Goodells have a Chuck the Truck who talks and moves under its own power and the kids yelled "Chuck!!" quite a few times, which is why Jet learned it.

It's startling suddenly getting all these words out of him when he wasn't speaking nearly as clearly before. But he now has reason and very cheerful coaches with lots of words for him to try.

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