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I'm feeling mildly wistful as I hit a major milestone at work and no one is celebrating for me. Upon realizing that, I guess I should just celebrate myself... though it's one of the reasons I've been so quiet for the last month.

My Imperial Tea Court order arrived, though, in the snow. So I will take that as a serendipitous celebration.

There was three inches of snow this morning. Jet was in awe. Of course, when John made him a snow ball, he ate it.

I am also scared of my dentist appointment tomorrow morning. It's now obvious that there is something very specifically wrong with my bite, and it's with the molars that have been trouble since *LAST* Halloween. Since it's so clearly a problem, I think that the dentist can fix it, and I'm just hoping for a finally good resolution after chasing this problem for this long. It's better to go in and get it fixed, but it's still scary. I hate being uncomfortable or in pain every time I eat.

Ah well. We'll see if it works out this time.

I am very glad of John's parents. They're making it possible for me to go to the dentist without worrying about Jet at all, and John's having to work extra time this week anyway, so it's much, much easier to cope.
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