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Okay. I'm still mildly depressed from the post-project stuff, but I got kudos from our testing folks and mild kudos from my boss, who now actually approves of my process rather than being mildly impatient at how long it takes. *grin*

I have a perfect globe of a glass teapot, only 10 ounces big (perfect for a small mug), where my tea leaves may float and unfurl in full glory. The Agony of the Leaves appreciated in full. And a perfectly fine mesh strainer that gets even the dust to pour it through into my mug. Plus half a dozen samplers of everything from herbal tinsanes to pu-erh's earthy mug to put into it. *happy sigh*

My molars now do not meet at one point. My dentist had a woman who had broken a tooth biting a yarn from her knitting during the World Series. She was so caught up in the game she only noticed the piece of her tooth in her mouth after the game (18-4 was it? How could you get involved in that??) was over. But she walked in this morning to get it fixed, and he had to push my appointment aside for a little while to do it. I acquiesced gracefully. I've broken my tooth. I know what a pain and fear that is. Fix her first. He was very grateful.

He dealt with her in a comforting manner, asked questions, and fixed things and said to come back if they needed adjusting. Yay! He then asked me questions, as we'd gotten mildly mixed up as to what the problem was with my description over the phone. When we were clear on what was to be done, he proceeded to fix my bite thoroughly. Turns out that the high spot was actually a bit of 'natural tooth' that had, somehow, ended up being the bad point in my bite, which may be why his partner hadn't drilled it down to even out my bite. We don't know, as my bite's changed 'cause of my NTI device.

In any case, it was breaking my bite. We fixed it. I ate an apple fritter to celebrate and nothing hurt.


Yay for fixing things!!

John's brother, his partner, and their adopted Russian child have arrived. It is time to party with the in-laws. *grin* I hope everyone has a great weekend

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