Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

It's incredible...

... having the house to myself after a weekend of having six adults and two very young children in the house. There's always someone moving around, waking up, crying, laughing, playing, running around, or something. Though nap time is sacred, and at night it's mostly just Jet and I up and about.

It's so nice having it be quiet. Being able to focus on things and know that Jet's being taken care of by others.

I'll have to see how Jet does with just me next Monday. Paul, Jan and Marina are going home tomorrow, Jet's grandparents are going home Friday. I'm already mildly socialized out, but everyone's been very considerate of giving me time to myself, though some of the more extroverted didn't understand why on earth I'd want to go home this morning and work while the kids, grandparents and Jan and Paul were hitting parks, kids museums, and other things all morning after a huge breakfast at Lucille's.


I'm very happy to be sipping my tea from a mug with Jet's smiling mug on it, and plowing through things I should have done for the last two weeks.

I now have my reservation for DunDraCon for February, at the hotel, and I've sent in my membership. I've called the pool to be sure everyone can go tonight. I've gotten four things done for work that I'd let pile up when I was in a funk.

Saturday we hit the Boulder Market, Pearl Street Mall, and the Falafel King. Then John and I saw The Tuxedo, which was lightweight fun, and had dinner OUT. Oh my. Sunday I actually got time to catch up on my regular journal, write some, and try out my new fountain pen, which I love, now. It's the blue with an italic nib, ground specially. Hee. I like the tigers eye, but they were out of stock.

The World Series is done, and I'm sad that the Giants didn't win it, but glad that the very Cinderella Angels finally did. It was cool to see teams there that don't 'usually' get there. Yay for small market teams!!

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