Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

All Night Long...

Jet slept all night long and he also slept in until 6:15 instead of 5!! Hoorah! Last night, he also did a spectacular performance of baby sleep ability by sleeping through dinner while sitting in one of Souper Salad's plastic, rolling high chairs. He was just a rag doll, he was so deeply asleep from driving to dinner, that we were able to pick him up out of his car seat, take him into the noisy, filled restaurant, set him on his chair and roll him around while we got our salads and he just slept through it all.

Tired kid, I guess.

The world is white today. It looks like the middle of February. It's been snowing for three days straight and another day to go. The poor Trick or Treaters, tonight, are going to just freeze straight through or look more like Parka Ghosts than anything else. It's an unusual beginning to the winter. I just hope that the early precipitation augers well for the rest of the winter, rather than it being an early fluke. Last year, it was an early fluke. But the ski areas are just stoked at 14 inches of snow in one night and more to come.

I wasn't *quite* ready to be cabin bound, yet. Well, it'll let up in a few days and it'll all be melted and gone again.

Luckily, there will be Trick or Treating at work from 2-4, and a big dessert, magician, party thing that should be fun for Jet. He's going to go in his Tiger suit, and we have bags of candy for handing out to kids that visit our cubes.

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