Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


Jet learned the magic of "Pleeeezz!" and "Tank Oo!"

He was amazed that he could wander around with a big, orange bag and say the magic words to complete strangers and they would give him bright, wrapped bits that he knew were something cool. His bag grew heavier and heavier and it's big enough that if he didn't lift it it would drag on the floor, but he manfully hauled it all over our work building. He also got to eat some of his haul for dinner. So much for sleeping the night...

I was glad, though that he also really loved the fruit juice based gummy worms in my 'dirt and worms'... I just ground up Oreos and put the translucent gummy worms in them, and it looked realistic enough for all the kids to be really jazzed by the 'dessert' and for all the parents to avoid it studiously. Hee.

That was fun.

Scrambling for the door when the Trick o' Treaters arrived was lots of fun for all of us. Jet's eyes would get all big when he heard someone knocking and then he'd scramble for the door, giggling, and he'd hold the bowl for whomever had braved the four inches of fresh snow that was getting laid down. It's the coldest Halloween on record in the area, and the records go back, here, into just the late 1800's.

There's a foot of snow out on the porch this morning. I've never seen it this cold this early, and it's enough to have 55 inches of snow out in the mountains already. That is a good start for next year's snow pack, and we need an extra wet winter to make up for these last three drought years. I am actually liking it, and being an ex-San Diego girl, I don't think I'd have ever said that, but it's powdery, beautiful, and dry. The sun's coming out today and it's just brilliant out. A world of frozen crystal and soft, white blankets of snow. The roof is rumbling and thumping as the stuff melts and slides off the black roofing.

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