Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li



Sometimes I hate my boss. Sometimes I like him a lot. Sometimes I admire his technical capabilities hugely, and then I lament his lack of people skills or even planning skills or stuff like simply being able to tell me what time I should meet the rest of the group for lunch. Talk about small stuff, but on top of all the other stuff, it just makes me crazy. I need forty five minutes to get to wherever they're going, fifteen for the baby, thirty to drive. It would be nice to have a full hour and a quarter, so that I could actually feed Jet first, so that I don't have him going crazy on me during the outing, but that's just kind of gravy. Jet's usually pretty mellow about anything.

But at least having the time to *get* there would be good.


He's taking us to the Dandelion!! Aggghh!! It's probably the fanciest place in Boulder, really expensive. And I get to bring a six-month-old baby that loves throwing things... Whee... this is going to be quite the adventure.

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