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Colorado is more conservative than I'm used to...

... coming from that bastion of liberality that was the Western side of Washington state. But I did manage to help the Democratic guy for my district's House of Reps representative get elected, but I wasn't quite enough to help out with the Senate race, which saddened me considerably.

I am far more comfortable with a Congress and a Supreme Court that do NOT agree with the President, more moderate solutions come from being made to talk to someone that disagrees with you. The big picture now scares me, and I'll be uncomfortable for the next two years.

It was, however, very amusing to get a canned call from Al Gore telling me to vote.

One really cool local thing is that a rather hefty school bond made it through our district with a 64% approval rate, even with the three times bigger turn out. That was pretty cool, in part because it's the result of a failed bond during the presidential year. The folks that did the failed one actually got together with parents, community, and lots of people and asked them what they did wrong and what they could do right, this time around. Yay for actually TALKING to people!!

Amazing what can happen when one does that. Makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy about how the system actually can work when people really want to make a difference. Enough to consider helping with something in two years and seeing if that help will make a difference as well. I guess Clinton's talk about how politics changes lives has started to really get to me.

Though a lot of that really has to do with all my fears about what Bush's politics are going to to do my life. I guess the great good thing about being in the US is that in two years I can work hard to do a revolution without any bloodshed if I feel morally bound to do so.

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