Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

It's oddly comforting...

... to be able to make my own bagels whenever I want them, rather than spending money on a bag of them only to eat them the next day, when they're already a day old and a little stale. Fresh, crusty, chewy, hot bagels right out of the oven slathered with goat cheese or honey or peach jam. Fun to push them around in the water, boil 'em and then bake 'em crusty and brown.

Jet was up only once last night and stayed asleep until 6:30. All good progress. I think that going back to his old schedule and NOT having Grandpa to play with in the basement on dark mornings made for enough of a lack of incentive to wake up EARLY. I'm so glad that now that we don't have the early morning resource, we don't really need it as much. It's a very good thing.

Of course Jet then proceeded to only eat sesame seeds off my bagel for breakfast and then get cranky about being hungry. He, of course, refused to eat anything anyway. Sometimes I don't think he's connected that cranky, tired, unhappy feeling to something that can be solved by the act of eating. Which, I guess, shouldn't surprise me, as I sometimes still have that problem.

John and I, however are caught up on sleep again, which is a very fine thing. I found in my dream journal a line I'd forgotten I'd written in the middle of the night, "Sleep: a treasure oft lost, easily stolen by fears unworthy of the cost."

Heh. I write bad poetry in my sleep.

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