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I'm just tired today. Headachy, PMSsy, and grumpy. It was supposed to get near 70 today, but it clouded over, my world is dark, and the wind is now blowing something fierce. There's supposed to be two feet of snow falling on the mountains tonight, so I should have expected some by blow of that event, but I hadn't, not really, and I was mildly disappointed.

I guess I'm tired from the deep water aerobics yesterday. I did it, for the first time, with three floats instead of four, and it's much more imperative to spend energy keeping afloat when I don't have any natural buoyancy. The floats weren't quite enough to keep my head above water, so I worked a lot harder last night than I have for a while, and today I'm sore from it, of course. It's the right thing to be doing, as I really do need to up the level of that workout, but I still feel mildly depressed, sore, and tired today.

So it is.

Tea. Work. And John is finally home to take care of Jet for a while. That's good enough for now.

I should probably take a long, hot soak tonight. That might help.

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