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Yay! We had fun!

I am very glad that Jet is a very mellow baby. He did great for the whole thing. Lunch in a posh restaurant with white table linens, silverware, and real crystal and lots of cool things to grab and pull off the table. Jet ate just fine in the timeout in between places. He then had a blast watching us play putt putt golf with ten people wandering thorough the course, while drinking formula from anyone that would hold the bottle for him, and trying to put everything from golf balls and putters to the windmill arm into his mouth.

He did great at the restaurant. Jet was sleepy at first, from a nap in the car, and getting jounced awake in the two block walk I had to take to the restaurant from the parking garage where I actually found parking, and he was just quiet and watchful for the first twenty minutes, through appetizers and soup. When the main course arrived, he got impatient, so he got to sit in my lap while I ate. I'm getting really expert at making sure he can't reach anything but the toys I plant on the table for him to discover and grab triumphantly. He knows he stole something from the table while I was trying to keep him away, so that makes him joyful in and of itself, even if it's some toy he recognizes. He went from person to person quietly, and when it was time for the check to come, he gladly lent his squawks to get it to come even more quickly. That was fun.

For putt putt, he went from person to person, whenever I had a shot to take. He didn't seem to mind getting handed off, and he spent a lot of time in the shade of his stroller as well, which was good that he had shade. He also drank a lot of water from his bottle and had some formula to boot. That was very nice, that he'd drink from the bottle for anyone that would hold it for him. He did find it pretty fun to kick the bottle when he wasn't drinking from it, though.

It was actually pretty fun golfing with everyone. Putt putt is just an enjoyable kind of thing with a large group as skill nearly never has as much say to the outcome as luck does. And it's a way to interact, have fun, and have something of a walk besides. When Jet did start getting cranky from being tired, everyone lent a couple arms to hold him whenever I wanted to take a shot and Jet and I took a few shots together. Those were pretty cool and really did prove the adage about luck and putt putt...

All together it was a very successful outing, which I panicked properly about beforehand and actually brought pretty much everything I needed in the end. So that was good. We used the bottle, the spoon, the cell phone, the jar of pears, the three washcloths, the bottle of sterilized water for drinking and formula making, the nursing shirt during the shaded time in the parking structure, the diapers, the bags, the blankets (both of them, one on him and the other for shade on the drive home), and the jitterbug. It's funny to realize that while I'm in progress, i.e. doing the thing I might have thought impossible, it's never impossible. It's just another thing to do at the moment.

So Jet had a tremendous outing, fell dead asleep on the way home, and then when he got home, he was wide awake and played until he fell over, thud, at his bed time. Whew. And he was only up twice last night! Yay! Hoorah! Compared to seven, that's quite the improvement from the previous week.

He's been great today. Happy as a clam, and did wonderfully at Joan's, even slept another two hours while there, catching up on his sleep. Friday afternoon is going to be a birthday party, and tomorrow night is John's group dinner with folks at work, and Friday morning is breakfast with the people in that group from San Jose that want to meet Jet. So the social calendar is starting to fill again.

My oh my.

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