Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Letters on a Page

I got a number of inks today. Purple, Sherwood green, and the old black and blue. Also got pipettes for refilling cartridges with inks that can only be found in bottles. So I an write deep, dark green with my italic nib and do letters. I always amuses me to run through a whole cartridge in just a week with the italic. Use ink fast...

There's so much pleasure to setting words on a page. Just sheer kinesthetic that I miss from having an electronic journal, sometimes. If I miss it too badly, I just take one of my hand-cut quills to Clairfontaine journal or to Levenger note pads. Now that is luxury.

I was always impressed the Gaiman wrote Stardust with a fountain pen, to get the wording that that method of writing would invoke. I wonder if, today, the wording would be much different when writing with a quill, as Shakespeare did. I don't find that I write too much differently with a quill than with a fountain pen, but both manual methods definitely change my style compared to what I type. I don't run off as much, and there are definite editing problems. I also know that when I dictate, it's more like my typing voice than my writing voice. That amused me.

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